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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Once again, it has taken me a while to post an update!

Since the last post, I had a whirlwind of a birthday celebration, which involved a week straight of non-stop partying. It was electric! My friend Rebekah Chesnes flew into LA and we painted the town with theatre, food, music and dancing!

School is now back in full swing and it is busier than ever. This semester I'm taking Constitutional Law, Evidence, Federal Income Tax, and Music Industry Contracts. Obviously, Music Industry Contracts is my favorite class. Classwork and studying has been constant, and while the material we cover in second year is harder than the first year material, it seems easier because we have gotten the hang of how law school works. I've also found we don't go over cases as dilligently as in first year and some of my classes rely less on the Socratic Method (where the professor calls on specific students to explain a case).

I also got my grades from my summer classes and they both are great. I'm very happy with the outcome.

Aside from just classes, I have been working hard as the President of my school's Entertainment and Sports Law Society. We have a TON of events planned for this year and have lined up a lot of great speakers. Most of our meetings involve a panel of speakers which I think will be really fun and informative for the students.

Our first meeting was a smash! We had Donald Passman speak, who is a very well known music industry attorney and is responsible for some of the biggest deals the industry has ever seen. I think the success of this meeting will really help to set the tone for a great year.

In addition to all the busy school stuff, I have found some time to go out and pursue my other interests, like Electric Effect. I've been out doing some swing dancing which has been great fun and gotten to see some live music - namely one great indie artist that I'll be speaking about more in the near future.

I'll post more soon.