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Monday, May 28, 2007
New album release of note
My dear friend Rebekah Chesnes has just released her debut album on the Street Symphony Artist Alliance label. The classical album is available on CDBaby, Amazon, and iTunes. Please visit the following websites for more information:
Official Rebekah Chesnes website
Street Symphony Artist Alliance Label
Sunday, May 27, 2007
A looong week
This has been quite a loooong week. I have spent most of the week researching bootlegging and writing about the legal issues of podcasting.

I did have one completely infuriating incident occur earlier this week. I was supposed to do a photoshoot this weekend. I have known the photographer for a while and he was supposedly a friend of mine. Everyone was trading services on the shoot - someone was donating use of the location, the photographer was supposed to donate his time to take photos (for which he would get to use the photos in his portfolio), and I would get to use the pictures on my website.

I confirmed the date and time with the photographer and then called the person donating the location to confirm the time and date with him. I then called the photographer back to let him know everything was set for the shoot. He then informs me that in the last five minutes "something else came up." What was that something else? It was another photoshoot.

So this "professional" photographer cancelled on me at the last minute to take another shoot. If that wasn't bad enough, he did not understand that what he did was wrong. His response was "Sorry, these things happen. Go on Craigslist to find someone else." After trying to make him see that what he did was unprofessional, inconsiderate, and self-centered, he still did not understand the consequences of his actions. Those consequences being that the entire shoot was cancelled (and so far not rescheduled) because of him.

Note to everyone: When you have a prior commitment, you keep that prior commitment and reschedule the new commitment.
Monday, May 21, 2007
A little law...
Today was my first day as a Research Assistant. I will be working on an entertainment law treatise and it should be quite interesting. My first assignments involve the following topics:
1. A memo on the legalities and legal issues of podcasting, complete with hypotheticals where problem situations could arise.
2. Bootlegging statutes (in areas such as music, not alcohol. We passed that era a while ago).
3. Piracy in sound recordings.
4. False imprisonment.
5. Paparazzi legislation.
6. Third party beneficiaries.

Unfortunately I cannot post the articles I will be writing, but will probably be able to post information on where to get the treatise once it's published.

More to come...
First video
I filmed a video just to say hello while out in Hollywood last night. I apologize for the quality, as we hadn't quite figured out the resolution and camera settings. The audio is low quality as well, but the street was noisy, so I'm lucky it came out at all.
I hope to do more videos for you in the future. So it begins!

New photos
Yesterday was a very fun productive promotional day. A podcaster friend of mine, Russ from The Mep Report, came over and we did an impromptu photoshoot. Russ needed some photos for an article that will be appearing in his alma mater's newspaper and asked me to snap a few shots. They came out quite well (if I may say so myself). He snapped a few pics of me, which I have posted below for you. Then we followed up the shoot with some excellent sushi in Hollywood.
Here are the pics and I'll be posting a short video in a few minutes:

All photographs Copyright 2007 Erin Jacobson. All Rights Reserved.
Sunday, May 20, 2007
First Entertainment Sports Law Society Meeting
I held the first meeting as President of our school's Entertainment Sports Law Society this weekend and it was great. Thankfully, all of us are on the same page with what we want to achieve in the coming year. We are really looking forward to a lot of networking events, a charity talent/variety show, and some on-campus concerts. I will definitely keep you updated on the exciting happenings!

Here's a picture of our board:

From L-R: Alex DiBona (Treasurer), Stu Simone (VP Entertainment), Nicole Pierson (VP Sports), Jessica Munoz (Secretary), Me! (President), Jordan Chatfield (VP Student Affairs)
First year of law school = DONE!
My first year of law school is officially done! It's been a crazy year and I can hardly believe it's over. I feel good about my final exams, although we won't find out grades for a few months. I did get some great news -- I got my grade for my writing class and it was quite good! I was very pleased with that and I also have some exciting things coming up which I can't talk about yet, but will post as soon as it's official.

The night school ended, our school rented out a club/restaurant for an end of the year party/dance. Here's a few pics from the party of me with some classmates:

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Day 2
It’s day two of blogging, and I’m still excited about it. Yesterday’s events put me on a creative roll and it has been fantastic. I started writing ad and imaging spots again, which is one of my favorite parts of doing radio. Today, I have been doing a lot of online work for Electric Effect. I want to make sure I’m on all the proper podcasting sites so I am visible to podcasting aficionados.

As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow is my last final for the Spring semester, for my Torts class. While proximate cause is perplexing everyone in class, including me, I am feeling comfortable with the rest of the material.

I don’t have any earth-shattering news or profound musings this evening. More to come later...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
It was suggested to me that I begin regularly blogging about my thoughts on the subjects that interest me like music, law, radio, and entertainment. It was also suggested that I keep you all informed of my life and views as a law student and member of the music and radio/podcast industries. So it begins...

A bit about me for those who are new to my life:
I'm a law student pursuing entertainment law with a goal of representing musicians. I also have a podcast radio show called Electric Effect, featuring unsigned and indie bands in Los Angeles. Music has always been one of my passions and I am lucky to be able to merge it with law. I work with a lot of independent musicians and I see them constantly encountering bad deals. I want to represent artists to make sure they can build solid careers and make good choices. Basically, I can help make the business part of their careers run smoothly, allowing them more time and energy to focus on being creative.

In the past, I did college radio, worked at record labels and on other professional radio shows, worked promotions for indie artists, and so on. I do everything for Electric Effect myself, so I'm quite busy. I also write a music review column called Eclectric Ink, which is featured online and in my law school newspaper.

Okay, enough background - here's the scoop on my day:

Today was very busy and very interesting. I spent the day studying, working on a lot of business stuff for Electric Effect, and updating Eclectric Ink. I have my last final (Torts) for the Spring semester in a day and I must say I am glad to be almost done! I won't be getting lazy, however. I start work for my Copyright professor the following week. I am his research assistant and will be helping with volume two of his entertainment law treatise. I'm really excited about that because I will get to expand my knowledge on entertainment law.

I also got a phone call from a prominent podcaster today reaching out to my cause and offering some electric ideas. It's amazing how fantastic opportunities can come one's way when least expected. He is the one who suggested I start this blog and I'm really looking forward to this new blog project.

Finally, here are two YouTube videos I have to share with you:

This video was sent to me by Wei, one of my law school friends. While some actions referenced in this video are part of what gives lawyers a bad rap, it's still quite funny - especially if you've taken a torts class.

Next, I have to share this video to exemplify why Prince is a complete genius. No explanation is really needed, but I always love sharing frequent examples to prove it.

I'm out for the night.
Keep the effect electric,