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Sunday, June 3, 2007
Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith at the Whisky
It's VERY late so I am going to make this short. Tonight, I had one of the BEST concert experiences. I went to see Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Chad Smith (RHCP) play at the Whisky.

First, let me say - I was in the front row!!! Woo!

One of the opening bands, Kingbaby, is fantastic. I have seen them play before and was definitely not disappointed. I met the lead singer, Lance, who was very nice. We talked a little business, and hopefully I will soon be featuring the band on Electric Effect.

Then Glenn and Chad took the stage. I thought this was going to be a good show, but it FAR exceeded my expectations. I would definitely put this show on my list of all-time best concerts I have attended. Glenn can ROCK. Chad is such an insanely electric drummer. Jeff, the guitarist, was also phenomenal, but unfortunately I do not know his last name.

Not only are they all incredible musicians, but you could tell they were having a blast on stage. They all interacted with the crowd (Glenn shooke my hand, and Chad winked, smiled, and gestured to me), which was great. Plus, Glenn was genuinely appreciative and visibly touched by the cheers for his music. It was wonderful to see such a great talent be so humbled by those that admire him.

My friend Jordan and I made friends with some really nice guys, Pat and Mike, that had driven in from San Diego. Jordan had gotten one of Glenn's guitar picks and gave it to me. At the end of the show, Pat got one of Chad's drum sticks. I had told him that I am a huge RHCP fan, and so we made a trade at his offering -- my Glenn guitar pick for his Chad drum stick.
That drum stick is totally getting framed along with my ticket stub.

Anyway, I'm going to close this blog entry because I am barely coherant enough to type. Hopefully this entry was coherant enough for you to understand.
Definitely check out Glenn Hughes at www.glennhughes.com and www.myspace.com/glennhughesonline.