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Friday, June 1, 2007
Technical Difficulties
My schedule has become so busy, I decided to record a new episode of Electric Effect while driving in my car, using the microphone attachment on my iPod. The other night, I took my new recording and fired up ProTools to put together the new episode. Everything was fine until I had some technical difficulties. The computer locked up and I had to shut it down by holding down the power button. This caused something to go completely haywire because when I went to turn the computer back on, it wouldn't boot.

One of my very good friends is a technological genius and told me to bring the computer over to his place to fix it. He got the computer to boot and recovered the files. Other than our conclusion that the hard drive was toast, things were looking good and I left the computer at his house while we let the computer copy the files to an external drive. I later got news from him that the computer locked up again while he was trying to back up my data, and he could not get it to reboot again. This also meant that we were not able to save my data. He then hooked the computer up to his computer and got it to boot that way. However, his computer could not recognize anything on my computer. Things were looking bad.

Next, things went from bad to worse. I went by his house today to pick up the computer. Not only is my computer toast, but now his is having the same problems as mine because he had connected our computers together. Here is my friend, one of the best people I know - not to mention the most generous, who took a large chunk of time out of his busy schedule to try to fix my computer. What happens? His computer gets screwed up. I feel really bad.

From his house, I took the computer to an Apple store where they confirmed its grim fate. As I stated, the hard drive is toast. Furthermore, the CD drive doesn't work, as my friend's CD is stuck in there and we can't get it out. If that wasn't enough, there may be problems with the logic board, and there could also be some video issues. Of course, I did not do a recent data back-up. I decided to take the computer to an authorized repair shop who could try to do some data recovery for me. I had an hour until the repair place closed for the weekend, and ideally, the shop was about 30 minutes away. However, because it was Friday rush-hour in LA, I couldn't even make it there in an hour. Closing time arrived and I wasn't even there yet. With a sigh, I just drove home.

It has been one of those days where one thing after another goes wrong. I still have a broken computer and have to wait until Monday to take it in for repair, where it will wait for 2-4 days before even being looked at because the repair place is so busy.

Needless to say, episodes of Electric Effect are going to be delayed. June is a big month because several bands have new releases and gigs that I was supposed to promote. Insert sigh number two, here.

I'll keep you updated on the computer status.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to my good friend Eric, and my super Homie-G-Money A.J.

More later...